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The Gear 2 Neo is a variant of the Gear 2 smartwatch by Samsung. It replaces the Gear 2's steel exterior with plastic and forgoes the camera for a more sporty and resilient exterior.

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Will not connect to bluetooth

My gear neo will not connect to the bluetooth on my s4 unless it is literally touching. Is this an antenna problem and if so where can I find one?

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Hi, Can you try it with another phone to prove whether it is the watch or your phone that is the problem?


It will not connect to other phones nor will it connect to a headset without touching.


Hi, have you got the latest version of Gear manager installed?


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Basic step is Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) + Galaxy S4 ( key requirement for Gear 2 Neo ). ( you can check compatibility at Samsung Site : )

first of all, you need to have both Bluetooth as well as NFC activated on the Device. Than tag the charging cradle to the back of your device. Once you have the Gear Manager app open, it automatically starts pairing; the device recognizes the NFC chip in the charging cradle.

The fact is you need to touch both, reason being NFC activation.

These are the steps :

1. Search for ‘galaxy gear’. Then, you are going to see that special app named ‘Samsung GALAXY Gear Manager’. Install it!

2. Run the Gear manager app and activate the Bluetooth and NFC features.

3. Once you agree and check the license agreements, it will connect to your Galaxy Gear for you.

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i can get it to connect but moving it a few inches away loses connection


Same here it is taken inches away it disconnect...any solution for this.. please help


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