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The Mondo GDI-IRC6000, released in 2011 by Grace Digital, provides a combination speaker platform for both online radio streaming and digital audio playback.

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Can I replace my LCD screen?

My screen is cracked now, can I replace the screen?

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It appears the LCD has a visual feed directly through the motherboard and into the screen. It is not wise to replace the screen due to the level of expertise required. Better off replacing the whole motherboard.


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If you have a cracked display screen, we have a replacement guide addressing this very issue.

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Also if there seems to be problems viewing things on your display, then check out our Grace Digital Mondo Troubleshooting


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There are ways to solve the problem. Cost, warranty and environmental safety are three key considerations when searching for the best way to replace your LCD screen.

Many online forums offer various solutions to your problem, but these tips often come from consumers and not professionals. If your TV is still under warranty, contact the manufacturer or distributor about possible repairs. You may also be able to purchase a new TV.

If repair costs are more than half the TV's value, purchasing a new TV may be your best option. However, disposing of a TV is harmful to the environment, so this may not be an option if you are a "green"-minded individual.

Though buying a new TV may seem like the simplest option, you may be able to repair the cracked screen yourself by searching for tips on the manufacturer's website. Some companies may repair your screen for you for much less than the cost of a new TV.

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