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iMac Intel 27" EMC 2309 (Late 2009, Core 2 Duo 3.06 or 3.33 GHz) ID iMac10,1, EMC 2374 (Late 2009, Core i5 2.66 GHz or Core i7 2.8 GHz) ID iMac11,1

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Snapped vertical sync cable & Incorrect HD temp cable

Hi all,

Was in the process of changing my iMac internal HD and accidentally snapped the vertical sync cable. Is it possible to change this by myself?

I've also noticed that my HD temp cable is not compatible with the WD hardrive that I recently purchased. The HD temp cable seems to allow for 4 slots while my HD requires 8 slots.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Anyways I've tried to still OS X El Capitan but upon turning on my IMac (whilst holding down alt/control) i'm greeted with a white screen, which shows the mouse cursor but nothing else. Could this be from the snapped vertical sync cable?

The IMac is very loud and got very hot is this due to missing HD Temp cable?

Whats strange is that before trying to install OS X El Capitan I was intially greeted with a folder with a question mark.

Desperate for some help. Trying to set up this computer for my mother ha.


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Olá meu nome é Anderson,

ja formatei um imac desse e foi bem tranquilo.

1º você tem que criar um pen drive de instalação do ElCapitan,

siga essas instruções:

depois vc liga o imac com o botão option apertado, quando aparecer uma tela cinza aparecendo somente o mouse ai você coloca o pen drive, VOCÊ LIGA O IMAC PREIMEIRO COM O OPTION APERTADO PRA DEPOIS COLOCAR O PEN DRIVE,

ai é so seguir as extruções para instalar o ElCapitan.

Em relação ao cabo do sensor de temperatura, não achei o correto ainda mas você pode deixar sem o cabo que o imac vai funcionar nolmalmente, até você comprar o cabo correto.

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