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Nintendo handheld device released February 2011, identified by model number CTR-001.

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Why won't my 3ds read game cards?

Hi, I recently was playing SSB4 on my 3DS, ejected the game card because I wanted to switch to Pokemon Omega Ruby because I was getting tired of smash, and when I tried to put the Pokemon game in the slot, nothing would happen. I turned my 3DS on and off, tried other game cards, did the paper in front of game card trick, and none of it has worked. I love my 3DS very much and I'm on it almost all of the time. If any one can help with this please respond, because I want to make this work ASAP! Thanks!

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do something diffrent take it to gamestop and let them handle it because my did the samething . or rub it with alcohlol in the card slot and rub it on the card and see if that helps- kenzie

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Hi Sal,

I just answered a very similar question. If you're still having this problem, check out this link to see if my suggestions help you out as well:

Game Disk Stopped Working on my Nintendo 3DS

Good luck!

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I would try to blow into the game slot to remove any dust that might be there, or take a look into the slot to check if there are any bent pins there, get a Spudger, or if you don’t have one a flathead screwdriver and try to push them back into place!

Hope I’ve been able to help! :)

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For my 3ds I tried to play super smash Bros and I only saw just a black screen when I

Load up the game I really love super smash Bros for 3ds


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