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The Nexus 6 is an Android phone developed by Google and Motorola released in 2014 with a 6-inch display.

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Wifi , portable Wi-Fi hotspot and blutooth not switching On

When I try switching on Wi-fi it shows "Turning Wi-Fi on " but it doesn't turn on. Same is the case when I try opening Bluetooth or switching on Portable Wi-Fi hotspot.

I have tried clearing cache partition and even did a factory data reset.

I even turned on to safe mode and tried opening wifi but the problem persists.

The battery also drains quickly on a full charge I usually get around 6 hrs.

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Do you still have warranty on this phone? Most likely not as it was released in 2014, this is a hardware issue.

Only thing I think might help is try updating the Android OS if it isn't up to date already. If I'm correct the latest version is Marshmallow.

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android version is up-to-date , it's 6.0.1 and warranty period is over.


Is it possible to replace the chip associated with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.


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I too have the same issue. Couldn't figure out what triggered this issue.

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