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How to remove kenmore washer transmission

kenmore top load washer model 110.24982300 washer is ready to remove transmission but it seems like it is stuck. Any suggestions how to get it out?

Update (03/08/2016)

The first time we replaced the cuplor the motor and transmission had to come out it came out real easy. Until we could find a new transmission we ran the washer and figured out how to place the clothes along side the walls of the tub so it would spin. Now we have a new transmission but the old motor and transmission seems to be stuck with no way of prying it loose.

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See if this video does the trick:

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@catwoman I'd go with this one. I replaced mine and found it easier to just lay the washer on its side vs. removing the cabinet. Make sure that you also get a new tub seal. Those have a tendency of leaking if they are not replaced. you may also want to check this guide since the transmission should be very similar to your model. You can now also find a repair manual at the bottom of this page

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