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The third generation of the Samsung Galaxy Note phablet series released September 25, 2013. Identifiable by the model number N9005.

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I really don't know how to describe this in a single sentence

First off, I must admit that my trusty old Note 3 has endured more harsh treatment and rather extreme conditions than it can reasonably be expected to.

Last summer, I was almost certain that I had lost it for good and all, after the poor phone took a little dip in a lake. After some diving I managed to find and bring it back to the surface, then buried it to rest in a box of rice for two or three months (and bought a CAT S50 - a terrible mistake, but that's another story).

I tried to turn on the phone every now and then just to see what happens. Finally, in october, it actually started. Lo and behold, it's alive! Well, kind of... The touchscreen didn't work, only way to use the phone was the S-pen, a feature I had previously used only for playing a pool game and for taking screenshots. It also consumed the battery super fast, and still does, even though I bought a brand new battery from a Samsung service point.

My new phone was such a piece of dung that I decided to rather use the Note 3 without a touchscreen. After two months or so, the touchscreen started to unexpectedly show some signs of waking up from a coma. First it was working only for seconds, but it got better and better - like a person learning to walk again after a paralysis, step by step. Now the touch screen has been working flawlessly for over a month. Battery consumption remains to be a problem, it actually doesn't charge (or even drains) when I use the phone with the charger plugged. And yes, I have tried a couple of different chargers.

So, my questions are:

1. How can this be? A phone practically drowns in a lake (it was roughly 1,5 meters deep for about a minute or so) and suddenly comes back to life after three months? And after another couple of months the touch screen suddenly starts working?

2. What's wrong with power consumption? Battery draining even with the charger plugged on if using the phone (I don't know if it's actually fair to ask this, feels like asking someone why don't you go run a marathon right after a heart attack)?

(3. People at my local Samsung service point told me to buy a new phone when I went there again last week and told them this same story and asked those two questions. They told me to buy a new phone, I told them to **** ***. Was I being too rude? They were just doing their job, after all)

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What a single sentence!


If this is a single sentence Is it considered a run on sentence ?But how can it be a run on sentence when there's punctuation ?


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The logic board would need to be cleaned especially on the flex cable connectors and plugs. The bad thing is that there is most likely corrosion and burn marks on the logic board and most likely the charger port. The charger port assembly is easily replacable.

Use this guide on how to take out logic board:

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Motherboard Replacement

One question, are there any water damage marks on the screen?

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Thanks a lot for your answer, much appreciated.

There certainly is something wrong with the charger/usb port, I just tried to connect the phone to my computer and nothing happened. Is it easy enough to replace the charger port myself (I have no experience at all repairing phones) or should I bring it somewhere else to be fixed?

There are no water damage marks on the screen, nor anywhere else.


Easy enough, just take your time and refer to the repair guide.

Note that the battery can go bad due to water damage.


I recently bought a new battery at a Samsung support store, so it's an "official" Samsung battery. Made no difference at all. I't can't be the battery, or not just only the battery, there's got to be something else.

Replacing the usb port might solve some problems with charging, but why does the device waste power like this remains to be the main issue? Is it due to the corrosion or burn marks on the logic board that you mentioned, or what?


Something could be shorting on the board such as components due to water damage which would explain the battery drain.

Yes, replacing the USB port might fix the charging issue.


I wouldn't give up on it. Those Note 3's are great phones, and the fact that it is still working after all that you just told us, proves my point. There are plenty of people getting rid of their fully functional phones because they have dropped them and cracked the screens. Look on Ebay or in pawn shops for a working one with a cracked screen that you can get for cheap. Usually, they will sell them for $100 or less because they don't want to spend the time or money replacing the screen. Just make sure that the display still works because if the digitizer doesn't work, it is the most costly part of the phone ($130 is the cheapest I've seen). As far as performance and battery life goes, installing a custom rom can sometimes solve that. I upgraded mine to Marshmallow (resurrection remix), and I couldn't believe what an amazing phone it was. If you need a good DIY video to show you, the very best one I have seen is by LE55ONS (yes, it is spelled with the #5). It is much easier than you may think.


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the battery problem is probably the OS and the fact the phones no longer supported. the last android os that officially runs on the note 3 is dodgy and doesn't work properly . the battery dies in minutes

i had to root the phone and get a custom rom on mine . now the battery is fine

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