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A touchscreen smartphone made by LG released in September 2013 with the model number VS980.

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Loudspeaker not working after drop

Today I dropped my LG G2 VS980 while it was in its case. Immediately afterward, the main loudspeaker (near the microUSB port) stopped working. I later discovered, quite by accident, that I could get some sound by holding it vertically and holding the volume up button. From my searches, it seems most likely that the speaker came unseated, however I want to make sure I have been through all of my options before I attempt to disassemble the phone. I have rebooted with no success, and when combined with the fact that audio stopped working the second I dropped the phone (I had audio playing at the time), I doubt that it is a software problem. That said, I can provide software specifications as needed.

Thank you in advance.

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For the loudspeaker issue. The connection between the logic board and the loudspeaker is done by two golden pins on the logic board while the loudspeaker has two gold contact points.

As seen in image here:

Back of loudspeaker:

Front of loudspeaker:

This means that the screw you will need to re-tighten most likely will be the screw left of the battery. Which would be corresponding to the third column, last row in the image below:

You can use this guide to refer on how to remove the back cover:

LG G2 Teardown

The back cover is held on by plastic clips which are from the back cover housing of the phone. It really doesn't take that long to remove the back cover as that's basically the first and only step you need to do. Other than taking out the sim card slot.

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Thank you! I was hoping it wouldn't come to this, but your answer is much appreciated. I'll make sure to follow your directions if some miracle doesn't happen.

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LGf200l ear and speaker probelm

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to people reading this later on, I can verify the above tutorial. Having first purchased the LG K20 plus from MetroPCS and it being my daily aidekicm for the entire 12 month contract before being unlocked using a downloaded app on the 1st try. THAT phone was my #1 fav of all ive ever owned or used, nudged aside only by my current iphone 7+ with the touch activated glowing 42 color LED logo. and that, only got the camera. That 32GB version had the best range if any wifi device Ive ever SEEN, aside from a waveguide yagi. It picked up Walmarts INTERNAL hotspot from 1.79 Miles away on my living room couch to watch netflix. It was also tough, and i….ocassionally….might have maybe thrown it across the room due to know fault of the phone. It was just my outlet at the time. Shattered screens lasted 5 months and still never failed to work flawlessly foras long as 6months (though never tested longer befire repairing) using only one strip of 3” clear packing tape over top in the mean time. Repairs include, but may not be limited too:

shattered and replaced screen myself 4 times, Bezel twice, camera once, camera lense 3 times, charging port twice, rear housing with inlayed foil wifi antenna 3 times, modified the rear cover to allow for copper tape through-holes carrying the battery connections outside from the battery tray inside-and fiberglassed a battery from another LG with a 3300 mah battery onto thr back of the phone…sanded, airbrushed, glowing led company logo, and a gloss rubberized coating of sorts that was grippy but looked like a show car shine. <gasp>

i NOW have the worst phone ever made. I had to go to Verizon, qnd my unlocked K20 plus was,not comoatible aparently….but, they said, “We have the exact same phone only its got our chip inside of it that can connect to our GSM network. Be just like getting a 100% new one once we transfer your data over. Its called here the LG K20 V". Aaand, bullshit.

I now have half my storage, down to 16GB….which was eaten up entirely by my data transfer; i noticed later. Had to backup to a laptop and erase alot from internal storage and still do. even bow its at….14.99 of 16GB. Freezes, shuts down, half the battery life, overheating. Screen touch response delayed…and calibration about a mm to the left….so it takes forver to type allowing forthe delete button…..which is right beside the SEND button. Lag to the pount of nearly uselessness during regular web. And I cant even get but 1 bar in an area other verizon devices pick up 4. I;magine…42 minutes with no apps and the screen at half brightness laying on a table…from 100% battery to self shutdown. And ALL this is 100% software and the network IC to the left and down below the camera. Oh,and it comes standard from LG with a am/fm physical antenna and tunner….which verizon locks you out of. Only the PLUS has that.

But the gentlemens anatomy was accurate without my having to even flip this thing over. Most everything is resilient to repair, falls oit of car. Slapping someone open palmed with it. Bloodied nose but phone still worked. Guy could have used it to call for help…theoretically.

Im doing the speaker for the first time tonight though. not the actual driver,but the underlying ribbon-cable type strip that the contacts rest upon in the phone. its torn, and im hoping scraping away the clear layer on top down to bare copper will allow for some masking tape over copper tape . remake them.

I imagine this guy did okay, !&&* itll work without the screws, really. Just need 3 or 4 to,ground the thing together.

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