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Apple's 6th revision to the iPod Touch lineup, released in July 2015.

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should I get a new iPod?

I have had my iPod touch 6 for a month now and I have taken great care of it. Well one day I went to turn it on and it wouldn't come on, I tried pushing the on button and the home button at the same time, then just the on button. That didn't work. Then I plugged it in to its charger even though I knew it had a full battery. This didn't work either. So I unbluged it a let it just sit for a while . I came back several hours later and tried again pushing the on button and the home button. It finally turned on. So my question is should I get a replacement? Is this a bad sign? I don't want to keep using it and then have it do it again when my warranty expires. Thank you for all your help! It is very appreciated.

Update (03/08/2016)

P.S I got my ipod through Can I still take it to the apple store even though I didn't purchase it from them?

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It may be a good Idea to take it back to the apple store and have them check it out while its still under warranty just to be on the safe side . Let them know you had an issue and see what they say.

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On any device that I have initial problems with I seriously consider taking out insurance such as extended Apple Care for an extra two years of warranty.


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