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Replaced Battery and now iPod won't turn on

I replaced the Battery without too much trouble, but now my iPod screen is black. If I connect it to my computer I can see it in iTunes and the battery is charging fine. If I try to reinstall the software it tells me I have to turn off "Find my iPod" first. I can't turn off "Find my iPod" if I can't boot the device. I have taken it apart several times and everything looks fine. I see no problems anywhere. Guess it's my lucky day.... I have tried holding down both buttons for 20 seconds, but no luck. If anyone has an idea, I would appreciate it very much.

Update... I was able to do a remote wipe on it and then restore the software in iTunes, but still the screen is black, and can't use it.



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I don't think it will be possible to fix your iPod.


Jennifer - That's a Lousley answer!


Why was the battery replaced? What was it doing or not doing? Are you restoring from a computer, if so please identify it.


I replaced the battery because it would only last about 20 min. before needing recharging. I am trying to restore it from my Mac. When I connect it to my Mac I can see the iPod touch in iTunes. I can access photo's and back it up to the computer. Also the battery is now fully charged according to the icon in iTunes, but the screen is always black with no activity.


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This is in response to "...Obvously, I can't turn off "Find my iPad" if I can't boot the device...".

You do know that "Find my iPhone" or "Find my iPod" is often run off a computer by signing in to your iCloud account, or your iPhone, or another iPad. Right? It's seems the device who's allegedly doing the Finding is not your disabled iPad. Check out:

If iTunes on your computer recognizes your iPhone when it's connected, there may be a way for your to issue commands from iCloud to turn off "Find my iPod". If you can see your iPod from iCloud(over your computer), try doing a "Finding my iPod" and follow the procedure to close the application on your computer properly when done. I've used Find My iPhone multiple times but I don't remember the details on closing the application. You should probably at least sign-off iCloud when you are done.

Good Luck!

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Thanks, yes I was able to do a remote wipe using "find my iPhone"and restore the software, but still no luck. The screen is black and I can't use it.


After looking at all the components with a magnifying glass I was able to see a tear in the ribbon cable connecting the screen to the motherboard. So I need a new cable if they are available. Or I may have to buy the whole assembly. Thanks to those who tried to help.


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