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Mr. Rice is a stainless steel multi-functional rice cooker and steamer with a capacity for 6 cups of raw rice.

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Why doesn't the power light turn on but rice is cooking?

The power light is not coming on but my rice is cooking. The device is plugged in and heating correctly.

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Your Mr. Rice SC-887 power light could be burnt out if you find that it is not working, but the cooker is still heating properly. Test this by "moving the wires around" to examine if there is a shortage with the bulb. The indicator's bulb will need to be replaced if no light turns on. If your rice cooker is heating properly but your light indicator is not working, then the light-wires may not be connected to the circuitry. If there are still issues after replacing the indicator bulb, this means you have a shortage in your indicator cords.

Mr. Rice SC-887 Troubleshooting

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Excellent answer Erin!


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