iMac EMC 2309 Late 2009 Logic Board Replacement

Hello all my problem is I have 2 27 " iMacs both are EMC 2309 and both have bad logic boards. I want to get a new board but don't want to spend much.

Of the 2 boards I have one has a bad lcd connector "which i am not equipped to repair my self", and the other is actually and older logic board i believe it was a I3 or something that i was able to fit in to slot where the original i5 was with a little rewiring "this one i believed i fried after shaping out a power supply".

so with that being said I would like to maybe exchange the 2 boards i have for one working Logic Board preferably the best I can get that will fit in the EMC 2309 slot.

I have done some looking around on ebay and find that they are selling for around $230 with the ocaisional $100 working but not tested ones.

Any sugestions on where to get what i am looking for? Also does any one know the best board i can get that would still fit in the EMC 2309 slot?

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