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VIRUS - Stuck in attemping repair and drive locked in windows reset

My dell touch laptop got a pop up virus and now I am stuck in attempting repair over and over but it doesn't work and always goes back to the same options after it says that.. I can't log in or even get to the part were they as me for my password to get in. I tried all the options and resets but it always goes back to the same options and when i get to troubleshooting - advanced options and then reset it says that it is unable to do so as the drive is locked to please unlock it first and I have no idea how to do it.. I don't have any disc to put in as the laptop has no entry for it, I currently have Windows 10. I tried everything and I am out of options.. It also says this after it ends the attempted reset:

"Startup repair couldn't repair your pc"

And then a name of a logfile.

Thank you so much in advance for your help! If more information is needed I will be glad to provide it!

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Best Regards!

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Thank you so much for the reply jayeff! But unfortunately all I have now is my android phone, so I can't install anything or get the program in my ubs drive in order to intall it in my laptop.. Still, I can't even log in to my session.. It's just stuck in attempting repairs for a few minutes and then it just shows the same options for command prompt, reset, advanced options, troubleshooting, go back to where I left it or try to use an image to login (...) I tried all the options that I was eligible to and yet it always goes back to the same Windows can't solve the problem.. Even when I attempted to reset and save files option it says that the disk is locked so I am stuck in this out of options really.. :S

Do you have any other ideas that I can try? :(

Thank you so much for all the help and reply, I truly appreciate it!


Hi Brie,

It's a bit unfortunate that you haven't got access to any PC with internet access at all, (not even a friend's?) so that you can create the A/V recovery USB drive. I don't suppose then that you have a System Image of your HDD (which you may have created earlier when Win10 was working properly) stored on a USB HDD then either? It will restore your laptop to the time when you created the image so you will lose any data and new programs installed, incl. updates, since that date. At least it will now be working

Try to get a Win10 Recovery USB (again you need access to a PC (this time running Win10 and you can create the recovery drive ), or a friend who has already created one -which everybody should do-, insert that into your laptop and 'boot' from it and see if it can repair your laptop. It has its' own Win10 files so that you hopefully restore functionality. If it can't then maybe you can use it to do a new install of Win10 (it will delete all your data in the process though).

All that I can think of.


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Most A/V providers e.g. Avast, AVG etc. (maybe the A/V on anther PC that you have access to does the same) provide what they call rescue discs. This is a program on a bootable USB stick that scans your PC for viruses without your PC having to boot into Windows. here is a link that explains it better. You don't have to use Avast but you need access to another PC to create the bootable USB rescue drive.

p.s. I use Avast Free and it provides the Rescue disc option, also I know it works. have only read that other A/V providers have the same option

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If you can get the rescue disk on a usb drive, put it in the computer and hold the power button until the computer shuts down. Power the computer back up, enter boot options and set it to boot from usb. Restart and let the antivirus do its thing. Hope that helps..........

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Why did you post an abbreviated answer from what you read from @jayeff? If you agree with an answer, just vote it up, don't repeat it. You added nothing. Thus you get my down vote ;-(


If you look closely to the question, it says that she was having trouble with restarts and such. I simply added the part about booting the computer with the sub stick in and simplified the information for her. Please don't go around voting down my answers. For your info, I did vote up @jayeff's answer.


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