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The first generation Honda CRV, produced from 1995 to 2001.

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car radio wont turn on

the radio isnt working even after changing the fuse , anyone know why ?

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You'll need to get a radio code to unlock it. You can get a radio code here:

Hope it helps mate


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If the power has been removed, by changing the fuse for instance, then a security code may have to be re-entered to get the radio to work again. The code was introduced as an anti-theft device used to render the radio useless if it was stolen.

That is why when car batteries are being replaced they usually power the car through the cigarette lighter power outlet to maintain power to the radio and nowadays probably other electronics so as to maintain their settings.

The code may still be on a sticker or slip of paper in the car's owner manual.(if you still have it and if the code hasn't been changed at all).

If not then there are services online that will provide the unlock code and user instructions for a fee. Just search for reset Honda car radio after flat battery forgot code or something similar.

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