Fourth generation iPhone. Repair is straightforward, but the front glass and LCD must be replaced as a unit. GSM / 8, 16, or 32 GB capacity / Model A1332 / Black and White.

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iPhone damaged by electricity

IPhone got hit by electricity and it get real hot n I put it in the refrigerator and it never turn on back will I get my stuffs on it

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@cabrini "it get real hot" is usually an indication that your phone has a short circuit somewhere. It will totally depend on where it gets hot. At minimum, I would no longer try to turn it on. Replace the battery and the dock connector first, then re-evaluate. Use these guides to work on your phone.

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Im sorry to heard that, but could you please explain that?

You been hit by a power peak, but the iphone has a charger, a cable and its really difficult that a power peak can destroy that device.

In my opinion the device is just "freeze", try "home + On" for 5 seconds.



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