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How can I uninstal my hp fingerprint security application

i install fingerprint security in my hp elitebook 8440p with window 8.1, now i can only see a blue scream and nothing ease. what can i do to restore back my system

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What fingerprint software did you install. I'm curious as to know if it uses your fingerprint to start the system normally. You could try using your fingerprint on that blue screen, if it is not an error screen. If the system continues booting and you can log in, this just my be part of the program. If this is not the case try booting into safe mode.

Read the section Entering Safe Mode without access to Startup Settings within HP PCs - Windows Safe Mode (Windows 10, 8). Use safe mode without networking or command prompt.

If you are able to get to the Desktop in Safe Mode, then I would recommend opening the application, removing your fingerprints and uninstalling the fingerprint application.

Once you have uninstalled the application, you should be able to reboot the computer and Windows should boot normally.

If Windows remains in Safe Mode, you can follow the procedure, Exiting Safe Mode. If your computer still boots to the blue screen, if there is a specific error listed, please provide the details.

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