Why won't my Alcatel One Touch Fierce XL turn on?

I restarted my phone because I kept getting text messages sent twice in a row. It would not turn back on even after being charged. And this isn't the first time. Can anyone help???

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Mine gets double the messages as well. I restart it and it will not get internet or it locks up. Now I can not even turn it on or off. It just blinks on the screen when I hold the power button. I am taking it in tomorrow to T-Mobile. We'll see. But Im sure it is just a hunk of junk!!!!!!!


I recently reprogrammed the internal CUP of my Motorola Moto E(2ndGen) XT1526 and I now have $70 mo. Boost Mobile service and am keeping the Alcatel Fierce XL for Videos, Storage, and Home Number.


That should read CPU (core processing unit)


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