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Model A1225 / Mid 2007 and Early 2008 / 2.4, 2.8, or 3.06 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Replacing hard drive and loading software

I have an IMAC EMC2134 that the hard drive is starting to fail.

I want to replace the hard drive before it totally fails. I see some good instructions on here but what I am not sure about is how to deal with the software. How do I get all my data and software off the dying drive and onto my new drive so I can boot up and get back going again once I change out the hard drive? I appreciate your help.

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Do you still have the original system installation disk? Do you have an Apple ID and account? Do you have an external hard drive enclosure or Universal SATA hard drive adapter? What operating system are you running?


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One easy solution would be to get the Time Capsule to transfer everything in it's present state. Time Machine is basically the DeFacto when it comes to backing up your mac. You can get the cable I suggest in the link below to set up your internal drive before you replace it. Or you can buy a brand new Time Capsule. Find out more info here:

Another alternate good idea (since this is a dying drive) might be to convert the old drive to an external before you destroy it. To do this get this cable

In order

  1. Copy(drag) all of your files/apps to a folder like "My stuff"
  2. Create a recovery OSX drive
  3. Turn off your computer
  4. Swap out your old hard drive
  5. Turn on PC
  6. Reinstall OS X (cleans up old files)
  7. Plug your old drive back into the computer and copy all your old files over

Hope this helps!

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If you have your old drive still connected when you setup the new drive with a fresh copy of the OS, the OS installer will migrate all your user accounts and files (apps & data) over to the new drive. But make sure you have a backup just in case


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First, be carefull: make a backup of your disk before exchanging it. Nobody knows what can happen!

Before all, you have to connect your new disk to an external USB port. If the disk is naked, you need to purchase and install it in a SATA USB case. It is cheap and available everywhere on the Web.

Then, follow this Apple article:


Once the new system installed on your new disk, make the HD exchange between your old in your Mac and the new in the external case. Restart keeping the key "alt" down. A choice of starting volumes will be displayed. Choose the new one and follow the Welcome instructions of the new starting system . When you will be asked to migrate your old data from, choose "a Mac, a Time machine Backup or Startup disk".

See also these Apple instructions:

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