Why doesn't my switched AC outlets work on my receiver?

On the back of my receiver are three AC outlets. Two outlets are switched AC outlets that will power devices attached to it, where the attached devices turn on when the receiver is powered on.

Unfortunately only the unswitched (always on) outlet works. The two unswitched outlets are not working. Is there any way to repair or replace the unswitched outlets?

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You may wish to check that fuse F451 {1.5A, - (1.6A EU)} on the Outlet Board, is not blown.

Do so with the power completely removed from the receiver.

Here are the specifications for the fuse FUSULSLWBL 1.5A 125.0 V = Fuse UL class Slow Blow The slow blow means that it is designed to withstand the sudden inrush of current when a device is switched on. Since your attached devices were probably left switched on as soon as the receiver was powered on there would have been an initial surge of current to your attached devices. A normal fuse with the same Voltage/Current rating would blow because of the current inrush.

If the fuse is OK there is a relay RY451, also on the Outlet Board, which should be operated when power is connected. If it is not you will have to trace the relay operating circuit to see why it is not operating.

If you have little or no experience in electrical or electronic servicing and it is not the fuse take it to an expert to repair. There are LETHAL voltages present

Here is a link to the service manual, which has all the wiring schematic diagrams.


If it was the fuse, after replacing it, before you switch on the receiver, (do so with receiver re-assembled) switch off the attached devices and connect them to the receiver. Switch on the receiver and then switch on the attached devices, one at a time and see if the new fuse holds.

If the fuse blows again, it may be that either one of the attached devices (if there are two) is faulty. Purchase several fuses (ensure that they are slow blow) as you may have to replace it again if there is a fault.

If the new fuse holds it may have been that the old fuse 'fatigued' with the constant switching on and off over time and possibly a high (not enough to blow) current load. If the old fuse is of the clear glass type, and you can still see remnants of fuse wire through the glass there is a fair chance that it 'fatigued'. If there is a 'splat' (very technical term isn't it) mark inside the glass or no fuse wire to be seen, then the fuse has violently ruptured and possibly your new fuse might as well, if the same attached devices are connected.

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The switched AC outlet board sounds like it is dead. Replacing this board should fix the issue. It could have just died out, or it may have burned out due to more than it was rated for being plugged in.

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Thank you for the comments, I will troubleshoot the receiver this weekend.

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