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Released November 2006. Identified by product id: 200763U.

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External VGA port not working (monitor detected, no signal)

When attaching external monitor to VGA port it is being detected by ATI Catalyst control panel but no signal (problem started suddenly).

I also tried docking station VGA port, tried different drivers, tried upgrading BIOS, tried to boot laptop with screen closed and external display attached - no signal. So I am pretty sure it's hardware problem.

Are there any possible solutions out there ? or approximate cost of the fix.

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Does your laptop have a button to switch over the output to an external screen? Make sure you try that. Also try turning the laptop on with the screen attached then toggling the screen output button. Try a different external moniter/cable as well. If not you could have a motherboard/video card/chip problem (but I doubt it as it is more unlikely).


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Here is a link to a site where you can download a service manual for your computer. It sounds like a motherboard problem to me but check out the manual. Good luck.

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I hope this doesn't sound obvious or padantic or anything of the sort but just to rule everything out, have you tried another computer with the external screen?

Since the normal video output is fine to the internal LCD, It's weird that the laptops VGA ports, the docking stations VGA port and the laptops standard port would both not work in the same way (with the docking station using another port on the bottom of the laptop) both detects the display.

So just to rule it out, I am sure you have already done this but just to be sure, check everything on the external screen before tackling the laptop. It sounds like, based on the question the external monitor might have went to lunch even thou the laptop can sense it's there.

You can also start the laptop with a bootable CD with the laptop fully docked. Something like Knoppix or BartPE, even with something like that something should show up on the external monitor while docked and should rule out anything hardware based if it works.

I can not think of anything else to do right now that could be wrong based on the description of the problem.

Other then calling part of the video card bad and I have not seen a thinkpad do this "exact" problem before, i have worked on quite a few but no expert.

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Yes, my external LCD works, I tried it with different computer - and I tried different external LCD :) I also tried button (Fn+F7) which is supposed to activate secondary display - no luck. I will check out manual provided by rj713, there are some good points (PC Doctor tests, i.e.) But unfortunately it seemls like a motherboard problem also to me. (I have live windows CD from BartPE, but there isn't possibility to switch between video outputs. However I tried to boot up my laptop with screen closed, which is supposed to bring all boot messages and CMOS screen to external display - but it didn't happen as well)


Get into the BIOS with out the docking station.

Then Ctrl-F7 while in the bios. Also make sure for some reason the BIOS has not been reset or changed and check the display options settings, there should be options for outputs.

If that doesn't work, you may be right and would have look into replacing the motherboard.

If a replacement motherboard is expensive for your model (bluetooth, fingerprint reader etc.Lenovo has many sub models of the T60 line ) you could have the graphics card issues repaired at a hardware level with a professional shop.......or look into getting a used replacement motherboard, again this can be difficult finding the correct one.

Places that sell used MB online are usually helpful and should be willing to help you make sure it's the correct one. If going to all this trouble finding a motherboard, finding a faster processor etc......shouldn't make much of a difference in cost if that is something that would interest you.

If the BIOS options do work, and you get the external display to work, you could remove all ATI drivers in windows with the add remove programs and use something like "Revo" un-installer to get rid of anything left over in the system registry (easier then editing the system registry on your own).

Reboot and then use Lenovos update service what ever they are calling it now, to find the ATI drivers for your graphics card from lenovo, their version may work better with your laptop......I don't know which version of windows you are using.

Lastly, if replacing your motherboard depending on your version of windows it may prompt you to call microsoft to enter a new "code" if windows thinks it's been installed on another computer.


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I just rebooted my PC and the monitor worked and turned on with it, do this before looking for other answers!

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Dude, this question was asked 7 years ago, and it had already been answered.


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