Top case edging has chipped away, what's the best remedy?

I understand it's a common problem on ageing macbooks and ours is no different!

The edging around the keyboard case and the LCD front bezel has chipped away and has left cracks around the edges. I was wondering if anybody had any luck covering the edges with tape, silicone or something? I would imagine some kind of tape would inevitably curl up at the edges and maybe leave a sticky residue. Silicone is obviously messy to apply but would keep a smooth finish and could be (fairly) easily removed with a sharp blade. Does anybody have any other suggestions?

Its an old macbook, so I don't fancy buying 'new' parts as they don't come cheap!

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apple replace these FREE



== Update ==

3 screwdrivers $600


And they wont bum you


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Here's the part you need: MacBook Front Display Bezel You can do a web search for the part number to try to find a better buy. Most of these units I see have chips on the top of the screen on the edge of the bottom by the trackpad.

Here's how to replace it: MacBook Core Duo Front Display Bezel Replacement

MacBook Front Display Bezel afbeelding


MacBook Front Display Bezel


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I just got a new top case replacement for free from Apple.

The chips were cutting my wrists...the keyboard and touchpad were also getting pretty marginal. The new top case replaces the chipped parts, keyboard, and touchpad.

I was really forming an unfavorable opinion of Apple before they took care of all this stuff for me, for free. Thanks again Apple.

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Find replacements

here or on ebay. Bezels are not that expensive, neither are used working topcases.

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Good Luck,


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Any AASP will fit a new one for free. Known problem.

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