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Het Bose 3-2-1 Home Entertainment System is een serie op dvd gebaseerde thuismedia-systemen in de Bose 2.1 home theater-lijn. Het Bose 3-2-1 Home Entertainment System werd tussen 2001 en 2006 verkocht en was verkrijgbaar in de kleuren zwart en grafiet.

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No sound output from Bose 3-2-1 Base AccustiMass Module.

My 3-2-1 Bose AccustiMass Base Module no longer emits any sound. The LH and RH speakers operate properly. Input selections AUX, CD/DVD, VIDEO 1 and VIDEO 2 are also OK?

How can I troubleshoot and repair. Also, a schematic and parts list of the module circuit board would help.

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Need two screws one broken to go in to back of media centre for 321 Bose series 0330 19350100158AS . The small screws that the lead plugs in to.


Ps321 no sound but its light up green . What should I do I tried the unplug plug in dint work. looked at fuse it’s good. Help


My RH speaker is no sound output


My home theatre bass are damage


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Have you tried the following two reset options:

Turn the media center off for 10 seconds, then on again, to restore communication between the media center and the speakers.

Unplug the Acoustimass module power cord from the outlet for a minute, then reconnect it. This allows the unit to reset itself.

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Jayeff, thanks for your quick reply. I already tried the (2) options suggested prior to submitting my inquiry. There was no change or improvement. The base AcoustiMass module still doesn't provide any output whatsoever. Any other suggestions.


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have you checked if the tranformer in the base module have a voltage output

seems like a common problem

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