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The HP 842c was introduced in 2000. Like most old printers, the cartridges are large and last. Along with this, it is also more reliable than modern inkjet printers. While the ink lasts, the printer uses a Tri-Color cartridge. If one color is empty, the whole cartridge is considered empty.

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Printer cartridges stuck, wont move back to print location

Would love to ad a picture. When you install new printer cartridges they move to the right and then back to print mode when you close the lid. "They" are not moving back to print and "stuck" on the right hand side.

I love this printer and agree with the description you posted. I have extra ink cartridges so would love to fix the printer and keep using until my ink drys up!

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Fixed via another post from another source:

Turn the printer off, open the lid and turn the printer on. As the carriage tried to move ( producing the grinding noise) unplug the power cord of the printer, now try to move the carriage by hand and if you can, move it all the way to the left and then back into the middle of the printer. power the printer on again and hopefully this will solve the problem.....

and it did!


OMG, this worked! Thank you, thank you


well, I tried that several times and the darn cartridges are still stuck solid on the right

Ready to scream!!!


Cartridges stuck to the right, wouldn't move: error 'P-0-2' displayed. Tried many other 'solutions' re. stuck paper etc... until i tried the above; opened cartridge cover, THEN turned printer on. Magic!?! I still don't get it but it worked. THANKS!


This did not work, I tried like 15x. I had to buy a whole new printer and ink!


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I also tried this several times and it didn't work. My cartridges were stuck in place to the far right ofmy printer and I was able to fix this by turning the small white dial inside the printer located to the left of the cartridges. I twisted that a few times and was finally able to move the cartridges.

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Can you tell me a little more about the small white dial that you turned? I am having the same problem with hp photosmart c309a. Even if it is not the same printer there maybe something like it with this one. Everything I have found so far wants me to slide the carriage over and check for paper.... well I cant move the carriage at all. Would appreciate any more information that might lead me to a fix. I really dont want to go buy a new all in one. thanks


The white dial is simply a gear the turns the shaft which moves the carriage. My Canon mx492 had the same problem and turning the gear (white dial) worked for me. It may be that the plastic gear gets wore or stuck in one spot if not used regularly.


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You have to set the printer to print a document. Once printer starts to print, open the cartridge door and stop the carriage. Once carriage has stopped, you can change the cartridge. Don't remove the paper that was starting to print. This is used for the cartridge alignment process.

Good fortunes on your journey to closure.

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I have an Epson workforce 520 just because! After spending 3 hrs looking through the internet for suggestions (which I do every time I have to change cartridges, no matter the instructions that I jot down from the last time) , I ran across yours. It actually worked. Although I was a little leery in manually moving the cartridge. The alignment was also taken care of. I went ahead and cleaned the print heads just for the sake.

Thank you.... going to take Tylenol or maybe a margarita!!


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Hello Val,

I've submit an answer to this problem, please have a look on it, may be it useful for you too.

I changed the ink but it won't print


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