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Released October 2008 / 2.4, 2.53, 2.66, 2.8 or 2.93 GHz Core 2 Duo Processor

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Which replacement keyboard for MBP 2.66-5,1, 2009, MC026LL/A?

Rather than dismantle to find out before I buy, maybe a wise person here can help. My MBP is an early (March to June) 2009 model, 2.66GHz C2D Unibody. According to specs, this seems to be the only model with number MC026LL/A. According to system profiler, it is Late 2008, 5,1.

However, replacement keyboards listed for MC026LL/A that I've found e.g. on Ebay, specifically say not for Late 2008/5,1 machines, though as far as I can tell, my model is the only one to carry the MC026LL/A part number and EveryMac says, I gather correctly, that it is 5,1. Hence the confusion!

I know the 2.66 model of this era is something of an anomaly, as it was only on the market for 3 months as a replacement to the original 2.53 Unibody. But I notice it has the same superdrive as in the Mid 2009-2010 models (Panasonic). Looking at pictures for keyboards, the significant point of difference is the ribbon cable. The Mid 2009 appears to have a simple right angled cable, whilst the Late 2008 has one that has 'steps' in it. My question is simple - which one is correct for my particular model?

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I think this is the answer. Thanks @mayer for your contribution.

There is a definitive list for all MacBook Pro 15" Unibody/5,1/A1286/EMC2255 machines, of which the MC026LL/A is one, on TheBookYard site:

Scroll down the listed items and you'll find the correct replacement keyboard for the 15"/2.66GHz/5,1/Early 2009/MC026LL/A. To be more specific about dates, this machine was introduced in March 2009 and discontinued in June 2009, which may be why ads found on Ebay for MC026LL/A keyboards are showing mid 2009 MBP keyboards, which are incorrect. This model uses the same keyboard as the late 2008 MBPs (models MB471LL/A and MB470LL/A), so look for these on Ebay instead, or just buy from TheBookYard and negate doubt. I don't work for them, by the way!

To surmise, somewhat paraphrase other useful sites and hopefully simplify parts sourcing for any lucky owner of a MacBook Pro 15"/2.66GHz/5,1/Early 2009/MC026LL/A, this machine is simply an upgrade to the 2.53GHz of the same 5,1/A1286/EMC2255 family that was introduced in October 2008. It is identified as Late 2008 in the system profiler, though introduced in March 2009. Hence, when sourcing parts, look for 2008 in descriptions. If a description only states for 2009 or 2009 plus later years, it will likely be unsuitable.

The entire 5,1 series ran until June 2009, with the base 2.4GHz never changing but the 2.53GHz and custom 2.8GHz (BTO/CTO) silently being replaced by 2.66GHz and 2.93GHz respectively. A way to think of it is that the MBP Unibody 15"/Late 2008-Early 2009/5,1 family includes any Unibody 15" MBP that was launched between October 2008 and March 2009 and discontinued on June 8th 2009.

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Care must be taken when reading what it will not work in. Don't assume what it says. Here's your board:

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Many thanks Mayer. So, to clarify, you are saying that in spite of the system profiler identifying my MBP as Late 2008/5,1 and the board you've linked to specifically saying not for 2008/5,1 models, that I shouldn't assume the vendor's description is correct and this is indeed the board required for the Early 2009/5,1/ 2.66GHz? Apologies for the pedantry. Just want to be absolutely certain before the strip down!


READ IT! 2.This Keyboard will not fit in MacBookPro5,1, MacBook Pro 15" A1286 EMC 2255 MB470LL MB471LL 2008 version. You stated your machine was: My MBP is an early (March to June) 2009 model, 2.66GHz C2D Unibody. According to specs, this seems to be the only model with number MC026LL/A


Agreed, mine is the only one with number MC026LL/A. This has been my dilemma all along! Anyway, after further searching, I found a seemingly definitive guide that corresponds completely to specs. It looks like the correct keyboard is different to the one in your link (compare ribbon cables). You were on the right track and everything you say is true, but the Ebay ads (of which I also found many) appear to be giving the wrong keyboard for this model number. I've posted the details as an answer. Many thanks for helping me get there.


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