Battery and dock not recognize after changing mother board

I just swap my mother board with the one received form ifixit. After that, my tf300 is acting weird:

1) the battery is full. The tablet is not starting when using the start button when not plugged on the charger

2) if i use the switch onto the moterboard (on/off switch) witut pluging in the tablet, it is starting. But when starting, it shows an empty battery. The screen is working fine. But if the screen goes black in slepping, then i cannot light on the screen with the start button. If I plug in the the charger, it is restarting the device. So the battery is working.

3) If I plug it to the powerthen it is starting automatically (normal behavior). I can use tjhe tablet normaly when plugged in. Even the start button is working great to switch off or on the screen or to stop and start the tablet. So it is not the button that is in trouble. The battery indocator shows 100% battery and charging.

4) docking the tablet on the keyboerd doesn't fo anything, Even if i plug in the dock on the charger it doesn't activate the tablet. Start button is not working either.

After this motherboard swap, it seems to work good, apart from this annoying issue...

Any idea what is wrong and what should I do to try to troubleshoot this problem?

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