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Remove discrete graphic card

Hi there.

I have a MacBookPro 9,1 (15").

Is it possible to easily remove the discrete graphic card and plug the integrated card to the thunderbolt port ? (The goal is to remove the discrete but still be able to plug the computer to an external screen).

If it is possible, do you have some links for the directions ?


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Laptops don't have many removable parts unlike many desktops. Please review this IFIXIT teardown MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Mid 2012 Teardown. If you jump down to Step 12 you can see the layout of the chips on the logic board all of them are soldered down.

The terminology you are using has me a bit baffled here. This model has dual graphics both intergraded (part of the Intel CPU chip) as well as discrete (NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M GPU). Are you having problems with the system over heating? Or shutting down?

To answer your direct question on what you can do here you can connect an external PCI case via a Thunderbolt cable which has within it a PCI graphics card which you then connect the external display to. Here is one persons experience Using an Thunderbolt Video Card with a MacBook Pro.

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Hi, thanks for your answer.

My problem is that I am exclusively using Linux on this laptop (Laptop I get at work, I didn't choose the model btw). Linux currently poorly handles dual graphics cards (NVIDIA and CPU Intel) and I'm tired of using scripts (Which force me to reboot half of the times) to disable Discrete graphics card.

Using these scripts and/or using a laptop with a discrete graphics card always powered up (and drastically consuming battery) completely kills my productivity.

This is the reason why I would like to completely remove the NVIDIA card and only use the Intel intergrated one. The only problem is that I still want to be able to plug my computer to an external screen for work. (My old mbp only have intel integrated card and is able to be connected to an external screen).

Thanks (and thanks for the links).


Which build are you using? Some are better than others Mint right now appears to be the better on Mac's.


BTW: You can't remove the GPU without creating other problems. You'll need to focus on finding a software solution under Linux or consider sticking with the Mac OS.


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Exact THIS problem is one of the reasons why I havnt installed Linux on my MBP until now :(

Are you using a TRIPLE boot, or Linux instead of OS X ?

As I also want to play MechWarrior Online on my MBP, which requires Windows and at least the 650m GPU used in our 9,1 version of the MBP, I am interestend in experiences with TRIPLE boot for OSX & Win & Linux from other users too.

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