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7.9 inch display iPad Mini, with 16, 32, or 64 GB of storage.

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How do I apply the digitizer adhesive?

Hey guys,

I have an iPad Mini here. I'm not entirely sure how to put on the adhesive to finally seal it all up. I know it's a minor problem, but this particular repair was nightmarish for me. It was supposed to be a digitizer repair; but I punctured the battery and had to transfer everything to a new backing, the LCD broke- twice, and my third LCD almost didn't go in. I've been working on and off for around six months now, so that's why I'm really worried. If anyone could link to a page with a diagram, or a YouTube video, that'd be great.


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I just finished sealing the iPad up- it's underneath a blanket with a ton of books on it (a ghetto clamp :D) Time will tell if it works or not...

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Sometimes repairs are like this. Even ones you've done a hundred times. They just find a way to turn out really "nightmarish". Just apply the adhesive to the outside corner of the frame, and then place the digitizer on there. Make sure to check everything first, before you put it on. I know it's been a difficult journey. But, you're almost there

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Thanks for the support man! I'm about to try, hope I don't mess the entire thing up!


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