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GoPro’s seventh generation camera released in late 2012. Capable of recording 1080p30 video, waterproof to 197', and built-in Wi-Fi.

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Can't turn on Gopro on battery after water damage. Works on USB.

Hi everyone,

A few months earlier, I got my Gopro immerged into pool water. I didn't see it immediately, but around 2 weeks later, when I tried to turn it on, I couldn't : no reaction from the camera, the screen kept off and I had no LED indicator.

However, the camera works finely when alimented by USB cable... The problem is not coming from my batterieS : I tested 3 different ones.

I'm suspecting a disease somewhere on the motherboard between the battery connector and one of the component because as I said, the camera has no problem on USB. How can I repair it to make it work again on battery ?

Thanks for the good work you're providing on this website.

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The expansion board might has some effect on the battery's charging and the usage of the battery.

Remove this part and see if the battery works fine. If so, replace.

GoPro Hero3 Silver Expansion Port

GoPro Hero3 Silver Expansion Port Afbeelding


GoPro Hero3 Silver Expansion Port


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Any news on this?? Bump, my out put at the cameras battery ports were at 1.7v@.2A

oms @17.5

Update (03/17/2016)

So I try ed to replace this item and I get get positive feedback, the item turned on a lot faster,but I did not change the cable out, I did notice that it does need to be changed as well,and I have a live show of what happened when I turned it on that I could upload if anyonecares??

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upload if possible


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