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The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ is the larger variant of the Galaxy S6 Edge smart phone.

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Replace touch screen for a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus.

Front glass is cracked. How do I replace it? Where do I get the part needed?

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Here is a link to a video which shows most of what you need to do. Hopefully it will be of some help.

Here is a link to just one supplier. It is not a recommendation either way to use them. Do a google search for more.

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The lcd screen, touch screen digitizer and front glass are already bond together by strong adhesive when it was factory manufacture. It is possible but extremely difficult without special equipment like a hot plate to remove the glue on the glass. Whilst you may also damage the touch screen. The much more safer solution is to replace the whole lcd screen with digitizer instead of replacing the glass only.

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How is toch s6 edge plus

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