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Repair guides and support for Kenmore washing machines.

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Why doesn't all the water spin out?

My Kenmore 70 Series Heavy Duty washing machine spins but clothes are still soaking wet. I have to turn the dial back to the spin position to force spin more of the water out. I fear it is getting worse as the last load did not spin all the water out after the wash cycle (still at least 6" deep of water) before it started filling the rinse cycle so I had to force it to spin again to get soapy water out, allow it to rinse and spin, and then force spin again. (Clothes were still wetter than they should have been). I don't know if my pump is going or if it's some sort of timing issue. It IS 29 years old but I need for it to survive just a few more years. Any idea what's going on and how to fix it without buying a new one?



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Drain pump belt is loose or damaged/worn and needs replaced or tightened most likely.

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Hi. When you say replaced, are talking about the replacing the pump and belt? What kind of expense.... do you know? It probably needs a replacement Kenmore washing machine after 32 years! I just can't afford it right now. I'm doing a lot of hand washing laundry.

Thanks for taking the time to answer. Have a blessed day! ☺


It has been some time since I replaced a pump on an american made machine years ago but I seem to recall the pump being less than $25 dollars or so. These belts are similar in size/price to old fashioned automotive v-belts and are of course not too expensive either. This is a brand of more modern washer technology so both those data points may be misleading in your case. At any rate the labor to fix this will likely be the most expensive thing in the total if you don't DIY. If it is the belt just slipping you might be able to just adjust or replace belt and adjust to get the pump working again. It could of course be the pump is getting stiff to turn and is failing as well which could lead to the belt being overheated and then it will need both items.


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