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Released in October of 2014. This model, SM-G530H/DV Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime, comes in a White, Gray, or Gold casing.

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My mobile is switching off automatically

i have a glaxy grand prime, it switches off automatically and then it stucks at device name, i have to pull my battery to switch it off, i have tried hard reset also and when i reboot my mobile it again stucks at device name, i have also used odin but device says recovery is not seandroid, what should i do

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I have same problem but when i use my phone it is automatically shut down and when i will on my phone battery is very low please help me .


I have the same problem. I already rooted my device, now if I try redoing the process with Odin and the original CF-Root method before it just gets stuck on the Samsung screen as it reboots. I somehow got past it once but now i just can get it to reboot. If I take it off my computer it reboots but says something like 'set bit warranty' in yellow at the top of screen then it turn off. HELP PLEASE!!!


I do have the same problem on my Galaxy J5 prime, it get off itself and stuck, wonderful enough do not allow permissions for saving contacts, downloading videos, mails, pics etc


did you try factory reset?


My samsung galaxy grand prame इस autometivlly swith off why।


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I don't why it's doing that but I have had it happen before and every once in a while it still does it. By pressing and holding down the lock button, the home middle menu button, and the up volume button at the same time and then after you feel the first buzz/vibration let go of only the lock/power button to get to the emergency menu or whatever it is, although that doesn't always work for me either to reboot in safe mode. But it does work better if I plug my phone into the charger and let it sit a little while

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does it mean you have fault in battery?


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