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LCD Proximity Sensor Location?

I recently had an issue with my LCD panel and I thought it may have been the LVDS cable but it ended up being the panel itself that is faulty.

I have taken the iMac into an Apple Store where they ran some hardware tests - turns out the LCD Proximity Sensor has failed and the internal fan is running at a higher speed.

Is the LCD proximity sensor on the logic board or is it part of the LCD panel?

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The LCD Proximity sensor is the small 4 wire cable going from the LCD to the Logic Board seen here It routes behind some tape located on the back of the LCD to a small PCB that is adhered. If you want to replace it (Careful their returning through them isn't the greatest experience)

Please remember to adhere to all safety and ESD precautions.

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so if I am to purchase another LCD panel the proximity sensor is part of cable/board on the LCD itself and not the small input connector on the logic board?

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It is a stand alone sensor that connects to the logic board via a cable, so it could easily be replaced. It is adhered to the back of the LCD. You can remove it easily if needed. :)


thanks for your replies Shmajay - appreciate you taking the time to explain


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