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Repair guides and support information for SkullCandy Hesh on-ear headphones.

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SkullCandy Hesh Repair for Cracked Piece Under Adjuster

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My Skull-Candy Hesh headphones have finally broken after years of use. The right side of my headphones, the piece right above the adjuster is cracked and pushes out when I am listening to music or my daily things. This makes them uncomfortable on my right ear nothing to crazy it is just something I have been dealing with but I am tired of have to put tape or something to keep it held back.

Thanks! Please help!

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I don't want to be buzzkill, but buying new headphones might be the best solution. You can try fix it with two part epoxy glue or power repair putty. Both of these makes stronger seal than the plastic it self, but they cost 5-10$, and i think you can get new headphones with 30$.

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Thanks! That's is what I was hoping to do anyway its just these I loved so much. Anyway will get some; recommend a new pair?


Wirecutters headphone section ( is good place to look what suits you the best, and the recent video from tested was interesting ( and they name couple really excellent bang for the buck headphones.

I always recommend if you have to have only one pick the, Sony MDR-7506, it's not just coincidence that every professional radio station has at least 10 pairs of these. Hope this help little bit, in the end audio is like taste it's very dependent on personal preference.


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