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Laptops manufactured by Toshiba.

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need to change my ram

hello there

I have an old Toshiba satellite pro A 110 that has one 512mb 2rx16pc24200s_444_12_A3 ram

I can used up to 2g but I don't know were and what kinda ram i can used to be compatible with my laptop

is there any one can help me up with this matter plz

thank you

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No to offend, but that model is outdated and can only be upgraded to a maximum of 2GB. My recommendation is to get a new laptop, but if you still want to upgrade the RAM, this will fit.

Block Image

Also, there are a number of different memory configurators available where you input the model of your laptop and they will tell you what to use. Here are a couple:


Crucial Memory:

Kingston Memory:

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I would recomend taking it to a repair shop to see how much ram the machine can handle it is not to expensive if your bold you can change it your self it is not that hard.

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No need to take it to a "repair shop" just to find out the specs on the laptop. That information can easily be found online. With this laptop, the maximum RAM is 2GB.

This website is ifixit not youfixit.


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