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Mid 2009 Model A1278 / 2.26 or 2.53 GHz Core 2 Duo processor EMC 2326

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MBP (mid-2009) won't read new 1TB Seagate SSHD

I'm trying to upgrade my mid-2009 MBP. I've maxed out the RAM at 8GB and am trying to install a new 1TB Seagate SSD Hybrid. Currently, the drive elicits this error message: "The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer." I've tried connecting it both externally and internally (booting from my old HD) with no luck. Disk Utility sees the drive, but doesn't allow for Verification or Repair.

Is there a compatibility problem here? Do I need to erase or partition the drive to have the MBP recognize it?

Many thanks for any help!!

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You should be able to format and install the OS when you connect it externally using your current HD internally. Are you able to run the OS installer?

You may have a bad SATA cable which is a common problem in this series. Review this question: Difference between the Harddrive cables from 2010 and 2011 on getting the better cable.

Update (12/05/2015)

Sounds like you haven't prepped the drive.

I would recommend you not use a cloner here as they often can mess things up unless the drive is the same size. Frankly, you really don't need them as the OS installer has the needed migration function built-in!

Lets start things off by opening up Disk Utility and create a GUID partition map and setup a Mac OS Extended (Journaled) partition.

Then run the OS installer program to install the OS. Download it form the Apps store if you don't already have it in you apps folder, I recommend making a copy on your desktop to use.

Follow the instructions - Create a different user account than what you have now: At the end it will ask you if you have any data to transfer say yes and select your old HD as the source and just like magic! All of the user accounts and your stuff is moved over. The added benefit here is it will create a second Admin account. This is a good thing to have just make sure to use a good password to protect it and don't forget to write it down some where just in case.

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Thanks Dan. I'm hoping to clone the existing hard drive so I don't have to reinstall everything. The problem is that the the disk seems unreadable. Neither Disk Utility nor cloning programs like Carbon Copy Cloner or Super Duper! are able to recognize it. I haven't erased or partitioned yet; that might make it recognizable.

The SATA cable has no trouble recognizing the old HD; would it do so if it were faulty?


Start things off prepping the HD externally with Disk Utility and let us know what happens. Again, you really don't need a cloner app. I've seen strange things with the newer OS's.


Dan - you're absolutely right. Turns out I just needed to erase it with Disk Utility, and everything's now running smoothly (a little slow on startup, but otherwise great). Thanks!


Give it some time as the system is processing your data (indexing)


If you're all set don't forget to accept the question as answered.


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:-) I love this place! Ok. iFixit has sent over a bunch of stuff (and though I had to pay a kings ransom as customs duty) I'm happy to get them and all set to upgrade my MBP5,3- mid 2009 2.66ghz unibody. I just want to check if i've understood it all correctly. I have a new 1TB Seagate SSHD and an optical bay case. My existing drive (old) is 320GB/ 5400rpm.

1. Pull out the Superdrive.

2. Put 1TBSSHD (new) drive into caddy and fix caddy in place of the removed Superdrive.

3. Boot as before on old drive.

4. Use Disk Utility to format new SSHD in a way that it can be read/ write by both OSX and Windows.

5. Use the OS Installer to install ElCapitan on the new drive. Q-I couldn't find an app called "OS Installer" in the App store. Though i'm currently running ElCapitan downloaded from the Ap Store, I can't seem to find the downloaded file to use in setting up the new SSHD. What should I do?

6. Once the OSX is installed in the new drive, I will be prompted if i have any files to copy. At which point i just point it to my old 320GB Hard drive and say copy everything here.

7. At this point I will have the OSX, windows 7, that I run using parallels and the partition for keeping Windows and windows related data files and programs.

8. I shut down and swap the 2 hard drives location and ask to default boot from the new SSHD.

9. I format the old drive so both OSX and Windows can read/ write.

10. I do not need to use the ubiquitous Carbon Copy Cloner that everyone seems to be recommending to set up the new drive.

IS my understanding of what is involved correct? Steps 5-6-7 seem tricky.

thanks in advance. :-)

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