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HP Elitebook 6930p announced in September 2008 and was one of the first generation EliteBook laptops. It was advertised as the first laptop to break the 24 hour battery life barrier.

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Will replacing the hard drive reset all my passwords?

I upgraded my operating system to windows 10 and have some how locked myself out of my computer, can i replace the hard drive to reset them?

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You need to be more specific as to WHICH passwords you forgot. The OS or the BIOS?


I installed windows 10 off of an email offer I received, not off of a disk, so I don't have a disk. Can I make a copy of the disk off of my other computer that I also upgraded to use? Or do I need to go buy windows 10?


And I think it's the bios from what I'm reading online about it.


Then no - replacing the HD will not reset your Windows password. How did you lock yourself out of your laptop with a BIOS password by simply upgrading your OS? Setting a BIOS passwords involves you having to go into your BIOS and setting it up.

Tell me what you see on the screen when you power-up. Take note of everything you see on the screen like BIOS version.


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Which, passwords are you referring to -- the Windows OS passwords or the BIOS passwords.

IF it is the BIOS passwords, then NO -- replacing the HD will NOT remove that password. You may need to contact HP and prove ownership for them to reset that password.

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well you dont want to change the hard drive an easy solution would be to reinstall windows10 that way you can make up new password.

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