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Weird temperatures with CPU

Hello !

I don't know if this is an issue or not but i have a Haswell i5 4460 and on idle i get 30C , with youtube and a few apps opened i have 40-45c and on max load ( I tried Borderlands And Fallout 4 on ultra ) i never got more than 40C , I use HwMonitor , sould i use another heat measuring program or is my CPU made out of magic and doesn't overheat?

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Hikary Katsu, those temps look normal , there should be no issues in those ranges.

Haswell i5

Idle Temp 28 to 35°C

Normal Temp 47 to 60°C

Max Temp 72°C

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I was about to say the same as oldturkey03. The temps sound pretty normal to me. The load temp if accurate is great and you should have a good long lasting cpu if this is the case. You could also try some other hardware monitoring software such as speedfan to see if it reads the same as HWmonitor.


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