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Smooth cook top stopped working is it fixable?

My stove top "popped" and went dead. Is it fixable?

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saustinwright possibly. At least you should tell us the make and model of it.


The actual problem is stove causes the electricity to go off.



What is the make and model number of the stove?

Does it blow the fuse (or breaker) when not in use i.e. no controls operated to start a cooking function or only when going to start to cook by turning on an element etc?


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When you hear a stove top pop its likely an element or if its really old with glass fuses it could have just blown a fuse. Is your stove a glass top or open element stove and what breed is it. when it popped did you see any smoke or flash?Were the burners running (heated up) when you heard the pop or did you just turn it on. if it was running how long had it been on and are all the stove top element not working. it could also be possible you blew a fuse on your breaker box might wanna check that

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