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Repair guides and support for top and front loading Whirlpool brand washers.

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How do I address the F 21 error

Whirlpool Washing Machine..front loading indicates F 21 error in function

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Raym, without knowing exactly which washer you have the common F21 error is described in the service manual as


If the drain time exceeds 8 minutes the water valves turn off.

NOTES:After 4 minutes the “Sd” error will be displayed, then 4 minutes later the “F/21” error code will be displayed. Press PAUSE/CANCEL two times to clear the display.

Possible Causes/Procedure

1. Check the drain hose and make sure it is not plugged or kinked.

2. Unplug washer or disconnect power.

3. Check the electrical connections at the pump and make sure the pump is running.

4. Check the drain pump filter for foreign objects.

5. Plug in washer or reconnect power.

6. If the above does not correct the problem, go to step 7.

7. Unplug washer or disconnect power.

8. Replace the pump.

Sounds pretty extensive, especially the part about the pump. You do want to listen to make sure that the pump is not coming on. There is also the possibility that this error is caused by a failed water level switch. this would be cheaper and easier to repair. If you can give us the model of your washer, we can hopefully find out how to get your washer into diagnostic mode. That would allow us to either rule in or rule out the switch as the culprit.

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I believe the problem started due to a large load of towels that got wrapped in a sheet, so it was one large lump. I think the machine was unable to spin this load, so it "tilted", and stopped with a full load of water. I was able to run the diagnostic program, but not sure that it told me anything about what the problem is. I haven't followed through on seeing if there is an obstruction to the pump via the filter or.....??? Any thoughts on what might have been the initial problem given the problem caused by the unbalanced load?


F21 really should not be caused by that. You do want to take it apart and check to ensure that all cables are still properly connected. Focus on the ones to the pump etc.


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