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Off Brand Tablet replacement parts "Teclast TPad X98 Air 3G"

I coworker gave me a tablet to repair from a brand I've never worked with before and is not listed in the IFixit Database. Its a "TeClast TPad X98 Air 3G" It looks like a standard 10" tablet running Android with an Intel Processor according to the boot screen.

The outer glass is fine, the LCD is fine but it looks like the digitizer between the two is cracked and there is limited touch screen functionality. Does anyone have any information as to where I could find parts for this. I can't seem to find any parts for this specific model but I did find some for different TeClast tablets.

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Thanks, I started pulling it apart. Used a guitar pick to remove the back case. There is a cluster of data ribbons and tape near the power button on the inside. 4 screws hold the LCD in place and the are 2 screws on the mobo. Be careful with the rear facing camera its hard to pry out and I may or may not have damaged it.


This repair is a PITA, the digitizer glass is super glued to the thin plastic frame. Heat doesn't have an effect on the glue and I can't find a replacement plastic frame part. I've resorted to breaking the glass and slowly scrapping apart the shards bit by bit.


Hi, did you manage to fix that tablet? I've got the one for the repair too, but what I need is a power button flex and front + back camera assembly flex. If you didn't fix the screen would you be able to sell those 2 cables?

Thank you


I'll take a look if I have those parts. The screen repair was a mess and I ended up buying it off him for next to nothing . figured if I ever got back to it it would be a nice Windows/Android tablet. Never saw dual boot options like that before


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I have the same problem. I find screen here

But I don't find the way to do it. There is not tutorial sforzo this model :/

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My problem is that the CPU-board is defect. So when you thinking of selling for a reasonable price I am Your man.

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