Uneven keyboard backlight from left to right


I've just finished replacing the top case of my macbook pro 15", mid 2012, and I noticed the keyboard backlight is not even. Left side is a bit brighter, not by much but noticeable.

The ribbon cable that controls the backlight did snap when I forgot to disconnect it before lifting the logicboard....I put it back in place though and got backlight on. Would something like that affect the intensity of the backlight on either side? Or it's those sorts of cables that it's either working 100% or dead?

Also, the left side is where the logic board is, so maybe I could've over tightened it so that it makes more pressure towards the keyboard?

Finally, continuing with the "pressure on the back of the keyboard idea", I have a OWC data doubler, which might not do as much pressure as the default optical drive bay in the right side of the topcase...

Any ideas of what might be going on? Every bit of information counts! Really need some feedback on this.

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If it really bothers you I would start by going in and reseating the ribbon cable for the keyboard, make sure it is all the way in. Also if you did replace the top shell it could just be the new keyboard is that way.


Thanks for the reply. I ended up noticing most of the key sockets in the right side of the frame are just not built like the ones in the left. The ones in the left have less material above the light sheet, while the ones on the right have pieces of black plastic and metal. That is why it's inevitably dimmer on the right side.

Now I just need to figure out how to fix the zif socket's lever...when the ribbon cable snapped, it damage the ability of the socket to hold it snug. Now even if I leave the lever down into place I can still remove the ribbon cable...


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