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Revamped version of the iPhone 3G with faster processing speeds. Repair of this device is similar to the 3G, and requires simple screwdrivers and prying tools. Model A1303 / 16 or 32 GB capacity / black or white plastic back.

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Blank White Screen turns Black and no showing

I fall into the water my iPhone in March.

So I did drying it and it works again without Camera App.

When I chose Camera App, the shutter never opened.

Although there were some problems with LCD as horizontal or vertical lines ran, but after a few minutes LCD worked perfectly.

To fix my camera, I opened my iPhone (for the first time) and checked connectors and I found some rust on the Camera module connector and I polished it up.It did a great job and Camera started working again!

After that, I had no problem for about 3 months. But a few weeks ago I found something wrong with Sleep button.

The problem was difficult to say.To make a Sleep buttun work, I had to press just right side of ear speaker and Sleep button at the same time.

I tried to fix them, I opened several times but it couldn't make any progress because I couldn't find what wrong with that problem.

What was worse, after some opening it started to get Blank White screen when I pressing just right side of ear speaker. But it was in better condition because I could fix by pressing Sleep button like above.

And after another opening, it turned Blank White to Black screen suddenly.There seemed to be some lines on LCD.

And that...

I googled and found that to fix the problem I should do "HARDWARE RESET".

Yesterday, I fixed by replacing with brand-new repair parts and my Sleep button started working since then. And I tried HARDWARE REST for about 5 times or more. And SOFTWARE RESET for once.

But things get no progress... OTZ...

So There are still Blank Black screen on my iPhone.

But note that my iPhone is still living because I can backup with iTunes, receive calls and Play iPod. (So I'm using as a big iPod shuffle now...)

Also, I can find that the back light is still working by pressing Home or Sleep button.

I think there are no problem with LCD because I think any lines showed on LCD is not such a big problem.

And also there are no damage by water.


I don't know how to fix them.

Do I need to replace LCD?

Any advises are welcome!

Please help me...

P.S. Sorry for my bad English and long long writing...

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Android Fix Kits

Slechts één reparatie scheidt jou van een nieuw scherm of een nieuwe batterij.

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Chosen Solution

I fixed it completely by replacing Digitizer, LCD and Home button circuit.

Maybe my LCD and was dead simply.

And strangely I could make HARD RESET after replacing them. I think Home Button replacing did a great job for this.

Thank you guys and I hope all the person will save their iPhone.

Goood Luck!

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I'm glad you got it working, and I liked your story


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