USB premium cables stop syncing or is the phone port getting dodgy?

Hi all,

I notice that the after markets USB cable that I bought (they're not generic ebay/chinese ones but Lindy ones) stopped letting me transfer data to the computer to my Nexus 4 phone (but they'restill able to charge the battery). I remember they used to deliver data as well (and as advertised).

I did a test with a brand new Samsung cable which arrived with my girlfriend new Galaxy Note 4 phone.

Now, there's a BUT! It's not the first time this is happening and it's really frustrating (all the times I need to transfer some photos I need to find a working cable) but should I possibly blame the USB port on the phone for this? It's getting loose/wobbly/"dodgy", requiring me to re-push the connector back in to avoid conncection issues.

Now the question is: could be this loosey port be the cause?

I had good brand phones before getting to the same situation (loose usb port) in a relatively short time: how is that possible producers are still sticking to this kind of connection?

Did even Apple drop the mag safe on the recent iPhone? (it's ages I haven't seen one)

Why USB-C didn't address the issue at all?

It's nearly 2016!!!

Thanks for suggestions and sharing your experience

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