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Yamaha YPG-225 76-Key piano keyboard, released in 2006

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keyboard leaking black ink

I bought a used Yamaha keyboard and there seems to be some sort of black ink leaking out of it. What is this? What could be causing this?

Update (11/04/2015)

It looks like ink. It stained the seats in my truck and couch at home. When I tried to clean it up it wouldn't come out. It doesn't appear to be an oil of some sort it really seems to be an ink. It's black. I can't figure out what is causing this or why it's happening. Has anyone else ever had this happen to them or know what's going on? It's a Yamaha keyboard I am no sure what model.

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I would strongly suggest returning it, if it is liquid it could damage the internals of the keyboard. There shouldn't be any liquid coming from a keyboard.

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