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Mid 2009 Model A1278 / 2.26 or 2.53 GHz Core 2 Duo processor EMC 2326

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Hot chocolate spilled on mac 3 years ago. clean board?

So three years ago my cousin spilled hot chocolate on my Mac and I quickly picked it up right after the screen went black and put it on the side where the ports are so that I could keep the hard drive safe. Luckily the drive made it. I just bought thermal past, a driver set, tooth brush, 99.8% isopropyl alcohol, and Q tips To try and clean the logic board and anything else that needs cleaning. When I plug it in I'll hear the optic drive turn on half way. The sleep indicator and battery monitor works as well as the fan. no signs of life from screen, Apple logo or anything else. The board does heat up. So I feel like most of it is working only a few connections are dirty. Will cleaning help?

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You've procrastinated for three years, why bother now? Who knows. Open it up and take a look and see if it got to the logic board. 50% of the time it just shorts out the keyboard and replacing it will solve the problem. Give the last four figures of your serial number so we know your exact machine.

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Last four of Serial number G66E


Well it's not that I procrastinated I just bought a new one right way and was thinking of taking it somewhere to fix it and never got around to it. And if I can now WHY NOT TRY. Well I already opened it that's how I know the fan works, and yes it got to the logic board. Model number A1278


Apple MacBook Pro "Core 2 Duo" 2.53 13" (SD/FW) Specs

Identifiers: Mid-2009 13" - MB991LL/A - MacBookPro5,5 - A1278 - 2326*


The problem as I see it, you don't have a spare keyboard to test with. You have to go buy parts to even see if it works. I'd see if I could trade it off to someone that already has the tests parts because you could easily spend a lot of bucks and have nothing to show for it. Professionals do have their place in the world.


Well the thing is I have another key board that works. So I'm still wondering if I replace the entire upper case and clean the logic board what are my chances of making this work again?


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