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A desktop computer manufactured by HP since 2013.

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Is it okay to turn off the computer with the power button?

I have heard that it is bad to turn off your computers by holding the power button. I do it a lot because I don't like having to go to the menu and shut it down every time. Is there a real drawback to me doing this?

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If you momentarily press the power button, it is like selecting "Shut Down".

If you press and hold the power button, it is a "Hard" Shut down and will turn off the computer without closing files/apps like a regular shut down does. This can corrupt files and potentially damage your computer.


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You do not want to shut down your computer by just holding down the power button. They have a shutdown option because there are many steps that Windows takes to shut down the computer. Normally, computers will check for problems in their system files while they go through the shut down process. Eventually, your system files may become corrupted which will lead to bigger problems and possibly having to wipe your computer altogether.

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Well it depends on your hardware. Back then, in the previous millennial, without the technology we have now, people were trained not to because on older PCs, they didn’t send a signal telling them to shut down, causing corrupt files and damaging the system. Now, newer PCs send a signal to save and close files properly and shut down. It really depends if you have Windows 95, Windows XP, Windows 10, that kind of stuff.

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