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System can't see new SSD

Hi, I followed your excellent guide to add an SSD to my MBP, closed up the machine, and the system couldn't see it (not in Finder, Disk Utility, nor via terminal command after Recovery boot).

I read through comments, then decided to try swapping the locations of the two drives (moved the new drive out of the optical bay and into the hard drive bay), closed up the machine, and the system still couldn't see the SSD.

I did some more reading, then replaced the hard drive cable with a new one, closed up the machine, and the system still couldn't see the new SSD!

I don't know what to try next... can someone help me figure this out?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you can offer.

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Please tell us the make and model number of what you are trying to install.


OWC 240GB Mercury Electra 6G SSD


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At this point I would be questioning the health of the SSD. SSDs are usually durable but if they want to fail, they will fail within the first 2 weeks. To test that, you could get a cheap HD enclosure and test your SSD Hard Drive. Sometimes a PRAM and SMC reset would help when you replace a Hard Drive, give those a try but I think in this case your SSD is the issue since you have already replaced the HD cable and since your Original Hard Drive is fully working in both spots.

Here is a link to my page:

Macbook Repair

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Yeah, I'd already tried NVRAM and SMC reset but forgot to mention that in my original message. Like you, I've begun to think it may be a bad drive, but I wasn't sure whether that was reasonable or not. Thank you for your reply and for confirming that the drive itself could be the culprit. Eternally grateful!


No problem, Thank you and I hope you fix it soon.


I would try the new drive with an external adapter to confirm drive failure.


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