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This affordable large-screen Android phone sports a 5.7-inch display and large 3,400 mAh battery.

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Why is my screen going in and out

Well I had a friend sit on the phone and crack the screen it worked fine for a week or so then started to get progressively worse until I couldn't see the screen and worked it off of memory then I went to get the screen replaced at a local cell phone repair store. All was fine until one day I was watching a video like a week later and the screen sent black and wouldn't come back on. I then took it back to the store and they had it for a week before they called me and said it was fixed. I got it back and the very next day the screen went out again to come back on out and on. I'm thinking I just need a new phone. I just hate that I put all this money into fixing this one and it still doesn't work. Any solutions?

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Don't waste your time and money trying to fix it. . Besides I would ask for my money back the second time it went black. . Get another phone then tell your friend to check before she sits

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