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Repair guides and general information for the Kolcraft Cloud Plus, released in 2014, model KL020.

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Why won't my stroller fold?

I'm trying to fold my stroller, but it always gets stuck when I try to do so. It usually gets stuck around halfway through the folding process.

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If your stroller isn’t folding correctly, first make sure the seat isn’t getting jammed during the folding process. If the seat isn’t the problem, you may want to refer to the Kolcraft Cloud Plus "Free-Stand" Button Replacement guide for additional help. The problem may be an internal malfunction that is relatively easy to fix.

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What if the button works, but the stroller still isn't folding?



Did you try fixing the button as described in the link above, you didn't say?


The button works fine. I was given the stroller by a neighbor who had it sitting collecting dust


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