Repair guides for the Magic Trackpad.

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Magic Trackpad keeps losing bluetooth connection.

My apple trackpad keeps losing its connection to my Mac mini. This just started happening. The trackpad will be connected and than not and than connected and than not. I have check the battery 97%. I can see it in the blue tooth screen when it is connected and not. I have not had the same trouble with my apple blue tooth keyboard.

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You may want to make sure there is nothing interfering with the signal. Try moving the PC to a different area. Also make sure there are no other computers that are trying to connect to the keyboard and/or mouse.

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You can buy and use a Bluetooth adapter. The Belkin Mini BluetoothV4.0 USB Adapter is described compatible with Mac and it is quite cheap.

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Why would you suggest a Bluetooth adapter if the OP has no problems with the Bluetooth Keyboard? How is that going to fix anything related to the trackpad?


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